#Live likeNyra

#Love likeNyra

                                   Letter to my Angel

My Dear baby (my heart), 

You were a gift and a blessing. I have wished the sun, the moon, and the stars for you. The day you were born I called you God's special angel. Now watching how the world has recognized you and acknowledge your presence here on earth, let's me know that you were more than this world could handle. I tried protecting and shielding you from any hurt or harm. I tried to give you all my wisdom, although you felt as if I was nagging you, However, I knew you would follow your own path, despite any challenges you were met with, or how far you would have to go. Your heart may have been to weak for your humanly body, but it was  Larger Than Life! It shows through your fearlessness, your selflessness, your flawlessness, your happiness, your outgoing and family loving spirit. An  Angel sent from the heavens!

Love you Always and Forever! Until we meet again...

                     Love Your Mom


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