This memorial fund was started to honor the memory of a beloved only child and daughter by her mother, supporting family, and friends.

Meet Nyra

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Nyra was a third year college student at Tuskegee University (TU). At TU, she  majored in Animal, Poultry and Veterinarian sciences with hopes of becoming a Veterinarian. Nyra grew up with a congenital heardisease that she did not allow to determine her goals or experiences in life. She collapsed and later passed away while participating in an on-campus activity October 3, 2019, at the tender age of 20-years-old. Her mother, Terrie Shaw, became a Registered Nurse and worked two jobs to provide Nyra a stable single-parent household and the opportunity to attend the college of her choice. Soon after her daughter's transition, she wanted to honor her memory by supporting students like her—those who do not have the perfect GPA and therefore fly under the radar for a number of scholarships.

We believe all women and men can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission 

To assist students with various backgrounds  and low-income households with funds to support their dreams of attending an undergraduate Historically Black College or University (HBCU); and help the student sustain a successful college experience.

Through this generosity of giving to others, we hope to encourage young adults to continue supporting and giving back to their communities, organizations, or charities of their choice as successful young professionals in the world.

Our Vision